Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tipping? Tipping! Tipping?!?!?!

I admit I will read from time to time.

Sometimes it is good info, sometimes it is just trash. Seriously, who cares who the most fashionable chef is? JUST COOK YA BASTARDS!

But as I saw the comment count get real high on THIS article about tipping, I got curious to see what the articles were all about.

As someone with an invested interest in the industry and its trends I often wonder what people think about it. It is amazing how many people I know that think some of the cash they give out goes to the Kitchen staff. The idea of where the money goes has a trickle down to the person who actually cooked their food. Sadly I have to tell each one of them that they are sorely mistaken. Even one commenter on this post had the same opinion.

How sad is it that the person that makes the tip here is the person that took your order. Basically wrote down what you said and tapped a screen to have cooks MAKE your food. I say basically because they have other duties to do, but so does everyone else in a restaurant. To me, and this is not everyone, it is an easy job. I have done it all when we were open at the original Diner  Chef, Line Cook, Prep Cook, Host, Busser and Waiter. Sometimes more than one at a time. The great thing about the diner was people saw you preparing their food and would on occasion leave us a tip on the pass as they walked out of the place. Solid folks if you ask me.

I don't know what the solution is. Maybe just make it a JOB. No tip. This is what you are EXPECTED to do during someones meal and if you don't....fired. Just like a cook gets fired for not doing his thing or a manager gets the boot for messing up payroll.

I recently had such bad service that I left NO tip. It was really hard for me to do that but it was so lousy. So bad it is not even worth getting into the details. But the idea that the waiter ruined the good food is a damn shame. If they were splitting the tip with the kitchen, they might have all made a little cash. Maybe all of you half ass "waiting for your big INSERT CAREER break" crappy waiters should be on my side.

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