Monday, August 19, 2013

Can A Glacier Hold Ceviche?

Sure it can!

The Resto I work for is inside MoMA PS1. Right now there is an exhibit called EXPO 1 that is awesome. One of the benefits of working there is getting to see these shows go up, meet the artists and enjoy them in a long term capacity.

For every exhibit that goes up it eventually has to come down. The one I am talking about in particular is YOUR WASTE OF TIME. A room full of glaciers plucked from the ocean and put in a freezer room right across from our place.Luckily it was coming down the day of a baby shower we were hosting on the roof.

It was amazing to see them get the glaciers INTO the museum, what was even more fun was getting them out. How you ask....

Making big ice into little ice one swing of the hammer at a time. Chainsaws were ineffective, crowbars were useless. If you know anything about the place I work, we are known for not really doing things conventionally and often using whats around us to enhance our presentations. This was a perfect opportunity.

We sifted through the shattered pieces to create an ice bowl for the ceviche we had made for the party.

Using some salt to "glue" the ice together we were able to form an interesting and dramatic shape.

Jalapeno, Green Olives, Red Onion, Cilantro
This really is one of the biggest things I love about our place. I just never know when I am going to have to pull something like this together.

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